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    The turnover of the Corporation for 2017-18 ( till 31.8.17 ) is Rs.102.5 Cr.

  • »  The Corporation has tendered 131 nos.of Projects so far in 2017-18 for bid value of Rs.101.45 Crores and got overall Tender Savings for Rs.3.22 Cr. Tender savings have been noticed for consecutive years since 2016-17.

  • »  Corporation has completed 203 nos. of Projects during April--July of 2017 period.

  • »  OSPH&WC has achieved Turnover of Rs.82.64 crores during April-July of 2017 against Rs.72.87 Cr. of corresponding period of 2016.

  • »  OSPH&WC tendered Projects worth of Bid value for Rs.61.38 Crores and got overall Tender Savings of Rs.2.11 Crores.( 1st quarter of 2017-18 Financial Year)